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At some point, every family considers buying a home to secure their future and their well-being. This is a significant investment, and few people can afford to make it in cash. That is why buyers usually apply for mortgage loans to purchase their property.

However, not everyone living in the United States has access to most of the financing alternatives available because they do not have a Social Security card. Fortunately, those who do not have a social security card can make a mortgage loan application and obtain credit with their ITIN number. You should learn more about this alternative, so you know how you can benefit from a California ITIN mortgage.

Top-7 FAQs About California ITIN Mortgage

  1. What are ITIN Mortgages?

This is a California mortgage alternative that allows people who do not have a Social Security number to access mortgages. It is ideal for foreigners, non-citizens, or for those who are in the process of obtaining their citizenship and have not yet obtained their social security number.

  1. Why Can I Get a Mortgage Only With an ITIN?

Keep in mind that even though you do not have a Social Security number, the ITIN number with your tax statements proves your solvency with the state. In other words, lenders consider you to be a financially and fiscally responsible person and therefore agree to provide you with mortgage options, after verifying that you comply with your taxes.

  1. What Is the Key to Obtaining a Mortgage Using the ITIN?

Just like other loans, you must have a good credit record to be approved for a loan with your ITIN. You must build a credit history by applying for and repaying minor loans in full. You must also have a proper employment history, which demonstrates your stability and your ability to pay.

  1. Are ITIN Credits Conventional?

No. This credit option is particularly for those who do not have social security. The interest rates may be slightly higher, and the conditions are particular to the lender.

  1. Does FHA Allow ITIN?

No. Neither the FHA nor other state agencies such as CalHFA allow applications only with your ITIN number. To access these government loans you must be in the U.S. Social Security System.

  1. What Types of Mortgages Can I Get?

If you wish to obtain a mortgage with your ITIN number, you will find different alternatives in the financial market. The wise thing to do is to consult with one of the best mortgage lenders like Dimitrije Isokovic Mortgage Group so they can recommend the best ITIN California mortgage and refinance rates for you.

  1. What Do I Need to Apply for an ITIN Mortgage?

First of all, you must be a non-resident of the United States of America. Besides, you must have two documents that prove your foreign status, such as a driver’s license, passport, civil birth certificate, foreign’s voter’s identification card, among others. You must also have a fully completed IRS Form W-7, and a U.S. federal income tax return filed by the due date.

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